I’ve hung my thoughts above my head!

Keeping your own space organised is surely a booster for creativity, don’t you think?

I finally feel like my desk is turning into my little nest, a bit like people who do yoga try to find their meditation space around the house.

It really helps surrounding yourself with things you like and relax you, especially if you are a creative. The general rule is having your desk explode into a bunch of pencils, papers, brushes,pens, notes, half empty mugs and post- its, having your phone opened on Spotify on the corner of the desk ready to be knocked down and having crumbs on your tablet of which you never find the pen.

My favourites are fresh flowers, little objects, a quote that makes me happy hung on the wall, a postcard of a place where I’ll happily go back and above all , little animal figures that keep me company (and calm when you’re dealing with clients coming straight from hell).

I’ve recently added some origami flapping birds hanging from the ceiling, and they kind of complete my working space – plus I like to think that when they are moving , they’re helping me to face the “fear of the white paper” and to transfer my thoughts onto it.

Anyway, I guess everyone has their own way to make the work space more productive and their mind clear.